List of releases by date, along with associated changes



Tutorial - The “Hello, World” of Map4app
Basics - Script parameters: language, asynchronous loading, version
Custom map logo – Change the default logo with your custom logo



Map4app reference v1.12 - current stable release
Map4app reference v1.11 - old release
Map4app reference v1.10 - old release
Map4app reference v1.9 - old release
Map4app reference v1.8 - old release
Map4app reference v1.7 – old release
Map4app reference v1.6 – old release


Server API Doc

Use this reference if you want to use geocoding, directions, POI management and Static Maps APIs even outside the map component.

Geocoder API
Directions API
Reachability API
POI management API
Static Maps API
Web Services definition – Geocoder and Directions only



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