The map4app team will regularly update this Javascript API with new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. All API changes will be backwards-compatible, ensuring that if you launch an application using the currently documented interfaces, that application will continue to work without modification as the API is updated.

You can indicate which version of the API to load within your application by specifying it using the v parameter of the map4app Javascript API bootstrap request, read more on Versioning

This changelog will list releases by date, along with associated changes and version numbers.

1.12 September 17, 2012

Resolved issues:
  • Fixed: markers sometimes disappear on iPhone ( Issue [UMAPS-397] )
  • Fixed: map offset during pinch-to-zoom gesture  ( Issue [UMAPS-398] )
  • Fixed: markers move for a moment at the end of a pinch-to-zoom gesture  ( Issue [UMAPS-398] )
  • Fixed: can’t union a LatLngBounds with an empty one ( Issue [UMAPS-377] )
Noticeable changes:
  • Zoom transition effect enabled by default on Chrome and Safari

1.11 November 16, 2011

Resolved issues:
  • Fixed: mouse cursor icon changed after dragging ( Issue [UMAPS-315] )
  • Fixed: markers are now arranged by default according to their vertical position and raised when dragging ( Issue [UMAPS-328] )
  • Fixed: duplicate event listeners on Marker when you remove and add it again to the map ( Issue [UMAPS-333] )
  • Fixed: trying to arrange controls when loading map in hidden mode using {display:none} ( Issue [UMAPS-322] )
  • Fixed: mouse wheel makes the page scroll when map is set on max or min zoom ( Issue [UMAPS-301] )
Noticeable changes:
  • Reduced script size (-40%)
  • Memory usage optimizations
  • No more cluttering the window global namespace
  • Improved touch events handling on overlays.

1.10 October 10, 2011

Resolved issues:
  • Fixed: markers are now clickable also on Google Chrome version 14 ( Issue [UMAPS-284] )
  • Fixed: Internet Explorer 7 now supports strings for Marker icon property ( Issue [UMAPS-273] )
  • Fixed: Directions bounds are always larger than the path ( Issue [UMAPS-283] )
Noticeable changes:
  • new disableZoomEffect property on Map class (false by default)
  • experimental properties disableTransition and disableMobileAcceleration on Map class are now true by default
  • removed idCust parameter from Map, GeocoderService, DirectionsService, DirectionsRenderer classes: the client parameter on map4app script request is now mandatory
  • GeocoderRequest and DirectionsRequest now accept zip code (see updated UbiAddress object specification)


1.9 September 26, 2011

Noticeable changes:
  • MVC setting of map properties after map initialization now works properly
  • better polygon rendering
  • more readable manoeuvres list in directions


1.8 September 2, 2011

Resolved issues:
  • Fixed: Marker class now supports strings for icon property ( Issue [UMAPS-255] )
  • Fixed: Zoom control slider now works also in Chrome browser ( Issue [UMAPS-247] )
  • Fixed: Circle overlays disappear from map when setting current zoom level on map ( Issue [UMAPS-257] )
Noticeable changes:
  • Pinch-to-zoom improved for iPhone/iPad
  • Added zooming effect
  • Enabled hardware acceleration upon panning
  • Added Rectangle class
  • New client parameter to append to the URL used to retrieve the JavaScript library


1.7 July 1, 2011

Resolved issues:
  • Fixed: strange zoom behaviour using multitouch touchpad on Apple MacBook ( Issue [UMAPS-112] )
  • Fixed: Map.fitBounds() doesn’t work with empty bounds ( Issue [UMAPS-186] )
  • Fixed: Mouse wheel cause the map to zoom in/out too much on Firefox if the Windows Control Panel is set different than default ( Issue [UMAPS-186] )
  • Feature request: Pan control buttons fire events when pressed
Noticeable changes:
  • Developers no longer need to specify size for a MarkerImage, the API will detect it when not provided. On a related note, the size, anchor, and origin arguments for MarkerImage are all optional
  • MarkerImage now supports sprite images
  • Geometry library added – provides spherical geometry and polyline encoding utilities
  • Maps can now be printed
  • Fixed: Incorrect infoWindow size/margins
  • Fixed pinch-zooming bug on the iPhone
  • Marker click events are now dispatched on the iPhone

1.6 May 16, 2011

Noticeable changes:
  • Road maps now cover the whole world
  • Feature request: wait layer
  • Feature request: custom logo
  • MapTypeControl touch friendly
  • Zoom control available in small size


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