API  Features

map4app API provides everything developers need to embed map4app’s web mapping technology into third-party desktop and mobile applications.

map4app adopts new web standard HTML5 syntax allowing you to deliver your location in all mobile browsers,  and build  smartphone-optimized mobile web applications empowered by  our mapping technology.

Best of all take a look at cheering map4app documentation to persuade about the easiness of API integration which is designed and architected to hook with ease and extremely well documented.

map4app  is a web based mapping  service  with all the advantages this  technology brings to your mashup applications: layered content, online update,  no maintainace.

map4app infrastructure  guarantees highest degree of availability for its service management, designed for maxiumun performance upon demand.

One thing you won’t get from us is automatic, impersonal and standard response to your questions. If you encounter any trouble in setting up or using map4app service, we’ll set up a direct communication with a real person, a real developer, like you..

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